Design of DataMPI/MPI-D logo


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DataMPI/MPI-D logo

DataMPI/MPI-D logo

Copyright (C) 2012 by the DataMPI/MPI-D team.

Designed by Jian Lin (

Thanks to Xiaoyi Lu, Bing Wang, Fan Liang, and Juan Peng for advice.

The meaning of DataMPI/MPI-D logo

  1. The white hollow lines in the logo are the abstract of DOTA model. The endpoints and crosspoints from left to right represent each level of D, O, T, and A respectively.
  2. The logo consists of 2 parts, the left and the right, reflecting that the nature of DOTA model is a bipartite graph. The left part is in pure gray with the sense of flatness, while the right part is in gradient green with the sense of three-dimensional space. They represent that DataMPI/MPI-D can transmute insipid data into vibrant value, and also show DataMPI/MPI-D's recognition and practice on green computing.
  3. The right part is a variant of the letter D that is the first letter of Data and DOTA. The D composes of 4 blocks, representing the 4 characteristics of data computing, that is, Dichotomic, Dynamic, Diversified and Data-centric. The top and bottom blocks of the D shaped like wings represent that DataMPI/MPI-D will help data computing to take off.
  4. The left part composes of 3 blocks, representing the theoretical foundation of DataMPI/MPI-D: the 3 theorems of DOTA. The 3 blocks look like the wake of the flying D as well, enhancing the sense of speed.
  5. The writing of DataMPI/MPI-D is in black, which is mature and contrasting. The use of the open source Linux Biolinum font with light serif is easily identifiable, and brings a relaxed atmosphere without losing rigorous.

DataMPI/MPI-D Logo 释义

  1. 图形中的白色镂空线条是对 DOTA 模型的抽象,线条端点和交点由左至右,分别代表 D、O、T、A 各个层次。
  2. 图形由左、右两部分构成,体现 DOTA 模型的本质是二分图。左侧为单一的、平面感的灰色,右侧为渐变的、立体感的绿色,表示 DataMPI/MPI-D 将平淡无奇数据变为生机盎然的价值,同时也代表 DataMPI/MPI-D 认同并践行绿色计算的理念。
  3. 右侧绿色部分是字母 D 的变体,即 Data 和 DOTA 的首字母。D 字由 4 块图形构成,代表数据计算的 Dichotomic、Dynamic、Diversified 和 Data-centric 特征。D 字上方和下方的 2 块图形如同两翼,代表 DataMPI/MPI-D 令数据计算如虎添翼。
  4. 左侧灰色部分由 3 块图形构成,代表 DataMPI/MPI-D 的理论基础——DOTA 三大定理。3 块图形如同 3 条尾迹,为腾飞的 D 字增加了速度感。
  5. DataMPI/MPI-D 文字为黑色,成熟稳重、对比鲜明。使用带有平缓衬线的 Linux Biolinum 开源字体,可辨识度高,在带来轻松气氛的同时不失严谨。